Givin’ to “Listen”

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THANKS to EVERYONE who donated time, money, talents, and well-wishes to support the creation of this film!  It is shot and is now in post-production.  Further updates will appear in their own separate posting.  (The donation link below has been severed.)

Hey Everyone!

Alisa, here.  After years of working in the film biz as a casting director, I’m biting the bullet, going back to my roots, stepping into the void, and making a little movie my very own self.  I’ve written a purposefully short and simple script.  And for some unknown reason I’ve been unspeakably blessed with the support of good friends and film professionals who miraculously believe in me and have offered to support this project with their time and talents.  So much WOW and amazement!TinCup2

Still, film-making is expensive.  The location alone—a beautiful historic building in Ogden, Utah—is charging $1500 for one day of use.  Then there’s food, batteries, fuel, kit costs, and a whole list of film-making paraphernalia that all requires funding.

As this is such a tiny film, and as we’re shooting it this Saturday (Nov. 23rd)—Yes, you read that correctly, “THIS SATURDAY, November 23rd!”—I’ve decided to not take it through the typical crowd-funding sites.  But to simply hold out my little tin cup and ask, “Pretty please, might you like to help?”

It’s the holiday season.  So many hands out.  So many places for your money to go.  And never enough to go around.  Honestly, I don’t want large contributions.  I’m just thinking that if everyone I know can chip in 5 bucksthe price of a quick lunch—or 10 bucksthe price of a movie ticket—it would be enough.  Of course, there’s no tax deduction, no rewards, no gifts: You get nothing back except my everlasting gratitude for helping to make this dream a reality and that warm, drippy feeling inside that comes from helping someone you love… or barely know.

The story is entitled, “Listen…”  Taking place shortly after World War II, it’s about a fellow that goes in to apply for a job as a telegraph operator.  From his experience, he learns there may be a lot more to listening than meets the eye.  This film will run a brief short film festival circuit before being released for online viewing.

TO DONATE, just click HERE!  (It may take a minute to load this PayPal page, so please be a little patient as computers do what computers do.)

Oh, so much of my sincere THANKS in advance for your kind support.  To quote a dear friend, “Oh, my! I can’t pick up my cup, what with all the o’erflowing.”


Alisa Anglesey
Filmmaker Extraordinaire (or something akin to that)

2 thoughts on “Givin’ to “Listen”

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